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Want to follow Mary down the coast!  Yep you can follow exactly where Mary is each any every step of the row.  It’ll even tell you how fast she is rowing.  Just click on this link. or go directly to   

Race Update:

So plans change.  Unfortunately our dream of rowing an ocean for birds has ended.  We went out to start the race, but conditions and 2 US Coast Guard Rescues of other rowers ended in the race organizers saying they could no longer support any further rows.  So we were stuck on land.  It is not the end of our campaign to raise awareness and funds for birds though.  That is what this row was all about from the start.  We hope with our new plan you will still continue to support bird conservation and help us to really make a difference for the species who need it the most.

So what’s the plan?  Well it is not as big of a row but it is still a challenging row.  Mary will be rowing down the California coast from Santa Barbara to San Diego stopping at multiple ports to promote bird conservation and issues.  Keep an eye on the website for dates we will be in port.  Currently we will be at San Barbara Harbor on June 28, 2014 so if you are in the area please stop by.  From there we will be stopping at the following ports:

Ventura, Port Hueneme, Marina Del Rey, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Oceanside, and ending at Mission Bay.

Tracking for the row will be available and we will have a link on this website shortly so you can follow along.


Yes we are rowing an ocean: For the birds

Sometimes when you have a passion for something it takes you to places you never even dreamed you would go.  And so, on June 7, 2014 the race begins -  2400 miles across the Pacific from Monterey Bay, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. Entirely powered by human muscle, Mary will be participating in the Great Pacific Race in 2014 as a solo participant.  This means that every single mile between Monterey Bay and Honolulu has to be rowed by Mary.  It will be a huge test of physical and mental strength, and will take approximately 90 days to complete… read more

A huge thank you to our sponsors!

Why row an ocean?

Well because Mary is passionate about bird conservation and she believes that Extinction is Optional™.  This race is more than a race across the Pacific.  It is a venue to raise awareness about issues which are facing avian species and also raise funds to save them.  Please visit our Donation page to learn how you can help critically endangered birds in the wild.   Here are  just some of the bird species we have been asked to support:

Hawaiian Crow (<150 remaining and extinct in the wild)
Mangrove Finch (<100 remaining)
Red Crowned Amazon (<4300 and populations decreasing)
Red Fronted Macaw (<2700 and populations decreasing)
Hawaiian Petrel (< 10,000 and populations decreasing)
Palkachupa Cotinga (<530 and populations decreasing)
Golden Eagle and many other raptor species
Black WInged Starling (<1700 and populations decreasing)
Whooping Crane (<250 remaining)
Military Macaw (<14000 and populations decreasing)
Southern Ground Hornbill (unknown population but populations decreasing)

Latest News:  Request for Proposals

We are now accepting proposals from eligible projects!  To download your copy of the 2014 Chirping Central Conservation Grant please click here  Proposals are due May 15, 2014, 5pm MST

Great Pacific Race


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How To Contribute

There are many ways you can contribute. This project is a fundraiser for bird conservation and we have a multitude of ways you can support birds in the wild. 100% of funds raised through this race will be directly benefiting avian conservation.

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