There are several ways you can donate to help the birds as part of Mary’s row.  100% of funds raised from this race are going to bird conservation projects. No reductions for administrative fees or anything else (with the exception of credit card processing fees as Mary cannot eliminate that). This race really is about supporting bird conservation and getting a good injection of funds into critical projects. So Mary hopes you can help out.

So how can you donate? We have the following options:

 | Make a general donation | Become a fundraiser


Make a Donation of any Amount

Each and every penny raised from Mary’s row will help an endangered bird species so every dollar counts.

To make a donation of your choice click below:



Organize your own fundraiser to benefit Mary’s row

Want to organize your own fundraiser or pool funds from a group of people? Then we have the perfect setup for you. Organize your own fundraiser which is tied to our fundraising efforts. Full online functionality is included and you do not even need to worry about processing payments yourself. Maybe you raise enough to convert that into a mile adoption!